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Neuro-diversity [ND] refers to a range of conditions that cause people to process information differently from the way the majority of people do.

It includes AD(H)D, Asperger’s syndrome, dyscalculia and dyslexia. Many people with ND are also hyper-sensitive to stimuli. Differences may also arise in ways of processing information including language, sound, images light, texture or movement.

Many NDs will be affected by several conditions and syndromes.

Having an ND diagnoses for many is a challenge, others daunting, but with the right knowledge and support people can go on to lead successful, happy and fulfilled lives.

This forum is aimed at parents, young people with any of the aforementioned  conditions and those who come into contact.


Wendy has for the last three years met with families and individuals from across Ealing and neighbouring boroughs to support them through diagnosis, school issues and parenting problems. This is a totally free and confidential service.

Hot off the press!!

Thomas Phelan’s 123 Magic Parenting for parents with children with ADHD (2-12yrs) NEW
This is the parent in charge strategy – no yelling or arguing. The overall goal for 123 Magic is to make a dramatic and positive difference in a relatively short period of time. training is run over three or four two hour sessions. We have run the first session at the Grange Children’s centre and the response has been excellent. Anyone interested in securing a place on this amazing programme please contact Wendy on 07970 698 739. This can also be delivered on a individual basis.

Taking it all in.
We  strongly recommend that  those of you with a new diagnosis, or recent suspicians, start  with  an accessible book  such as Understanding ADHD, Autism , Dyslexia and Dyspraxia  published by Family Doctor Books. This way you can learn about these conditions gradually and with confidence rather than going for confusion and overload!However, we have lists available of many other books and articles on this subject.

Our aim is to cut through the mass of information out there and point you in the direction of what you need when you need it. We are on hand to help with information, letters, lectures.

Do contact Wendy on 07970 698 739.

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